Comic Artist, illustrator. Digital and traditional drawing/inker, color, storyboards, concept art.

Latest works:
-IDW artist and inker at Marvel Action on Black Panther comics with Kyle Baker script!
-IDW Cover artist and at Marvel Action Spider- Man.
-IDW artist and inker at Transformers Unicron.
-Artist and inker at Chapterhouse Comics: Freelance Season Two.
-IDW artist and inker at M.A.S.K comic series, Back To The Future (covers), ROM & Micronauts (covers), Teneage Ninja Mutant Turtles Board Game (illustrator).
-Character design for Dark Horse Comics
-Character design for Boom Comics.
-Collaboration in company of the field of Gambling,
conceiving the concept, presenting the project and making art for 2D skills videogames.